Make Your Property a Lush and Verdant Green Space

At Alder Creek Landscaping, we provide a variety of professional services aimed at transforming your yard into a beautiful landscape. Our team uses premium materials, quality equipment, and proven methods to create stunning parks and lawns.


Turn your wild and unkempt yard into a relaxing and easily maintained space with our professional landscaping services. This service isn’t mowing and cleaning your yard. It is about creating a space that seamlessly ties in with a property and the owner’s needs.

Using clever planning and expert horticultural knowledge, we’ll help you choose the right plants for your property and install them with care. We’ll also provide touches that will ensure each plant will last a long time.

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Hardscape Design

Add some well-designed structures to your lawn with our hardscaping services. Create spaces that offer natural beauty and modern conveniences by mixing constructed features, like patios and water fountains, into your verdant lawn or backyard.

Hardscaping can also make gardening and yard maintenance easier through the installation of raised flower beds, paver paths, and other organizing structures.

Irrigation Installation

Ensure your grass, flowers, and other plants are watered correctly with our customized irrigation solutions. We work closely with clients to create a sprinkler system that will suit their property’s needs, whether it's a residential lawn or a commercial golf course.

Leveling and Grading

Ensuring your yard is graded correctly is key for a successful landscaping project. We offer professional landscape grading services that will guarantee your landscape is ready to get worked on for its transformation.

Our team uses premium equipment and proven methods to prep your yard and level it, optimizing it for all sorts of landscaping work. Leveling and grading also ensure the soil is ideal for plant growth and other uses.

Sod and Topsoil Installation

If you need to quickly address your lawn’s patchiness, then look no further than our sod and topsoil installation services. We will install a ready-to-plant sod that will match your property’s current environment, turning your patchy lawn into a lush oasis.

Our team will also do all the necessary prep work to ensure that your lawn stays perfect for years to come. Sods can be installed from spring till fall so you can get a perfect lawn almost any time you choose.

Fencing Installation

Fences are an ideal option for creating and maintaining boundaries in and around your yard. Let our landscaping professionals design and install the perfect fence for your property.

We’ll build fences that will perfectly blend with your landscape’s aesthetics, ensuring your vision isn’t disrupted by unsightly structures.


Everyone wants a beautiful lawn without all the hassle. That’s why we offer professional and efficient lawn hydroseeding services that will heavily promote grass growth on your lawn.

Hydroseeding is the process of applying a slurry of fertilizer, seeds, and soil amendments to barren patches of land. This provides your soil and lawn with the necessary nutrients needed to allow your seeds to germinate rapidly.

So, if you’re looking to quickly promote plant growth in select parts of your yard, this is the ideal service for you.

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